Peter Norrie

If you have read “Fate Came Calling” you will know that Peter Norrie and Warren became best friends during Warren’s three-month stay in Australia in early 1954. Peter had a huge influence on Warren becoming intrigued to see new countries and continents. When Warren departed Sydney on April 30, 1954, on his long voyage back to the United States, Peter was standing front and center waving goodbye to his new friend, not knowing they would remain friends for 65 more years.

Peter Norrie waving goodbye as Warren departs Sydney on the SS Orsova

Shortly after Peter completed his schooling, he started his career in the livestock agency business with New Zealand Loan, which eventually became Dalgety and Company. He remained with the firm for over 30 years. He was passionate about his job and was a student of breeding and genetics as well as being a great auctioneer and agent for his clients.
At the age of 23, Peter was sent to the United States to secure stud cattle for clients back in Australia. He traveled the breadth of the U.S. gathering the consignment. While in the States, Peter and his associate, Charles Lock, were able to visit Warren in Missouri in February of 1955.

Charles, Warren, and Peter at the Vest home in Buffalo, Missouri

While the book was being written, Peter’s health began to fail. Warren sent drafts of the book to Peter in hopes he would feel up to reading the story of their adventures together in Australia. Happily, Peter was able to write an endorsement to the book and to read the published version before his health declined further.

Peter Norrie

Sadly, Peter passed away on June 15, 2019, at the age of 88. Here are three more pics of Peter at various times during his life.

As Warren said to Peter’s son Jim, “Peter’s personality and humor enlightened our lives for so many years and will always be there for each of us to remember”.
RIP Peter.