“I love the title, “Fate Came Calling”, but this book is much more than just about fate.  It’s a wonderful human-interest story about family, enduring friendships, hard work, professionalism, skill, dedication, loyalty, and perseverance.  Warren and I met at age 19 as we embarked on our aviation careers and we have never forgotten those seminal events we shared as adventurous youngsters. Our friendship has entered its 7th decade.  His book brings back a flood of great memories for me and I’m sure readers will find his story exciting and inspiring.”
Douglas Brian “Pete” Peterson,
U.S.A.F. Colonel Retired, Vietnam POW,
U.S. Congressman, and First Ambassador to Vietnam


1955 – Pete Peterson – Pre-Cadet weekend in Las Vegas

“I’m so glad this story is ready to be shared. It’s not only a tribute to this amazing man but a record of an incredible life lived. Warren’s life story is akin to the best Indiana Jones book except it is non-fiction. In today’s world will we ever see his kind again?”
Robert “Bob” Franklin,
Marine Corps F-4 Phantom Pilot, Vietnam
World Airways Captain (39 years)

Bob Franklin with Warren during 2005 Vietnam Homeward Bound flight

“What a wonderful life story of the young man I met in 1954 in Australia.  We’ve been friends ever since.  The stories of our escapades brighten the memories of this old man.  Great book!”
Peter Norrie,
Stud Stock Manager, Retired
Dalgety and Company Limited, Sydney, Australia

Peter Norrie reading Fate Came Calling