Aircraft Gallery

In 1956, Warren entered U.S.A.F. flight training at Graham Air Base in Marianna, Florida. His first flight training was in the T-34.

Picture of T-34 provided by Brian Lockett,

Warren’s final flight before retirement was in 2005, forty-nine years after his first flight in the T-34. He flew a World Airways MD-11 from Kuwait to Frankfurt, Germany. The number one engine was inoperable and the nearest maintenance facility was in Frankfurt. The entire flight was made with only two of the three engines operating.

World Airways McDonnell Douglas MD-11

Warren flew a variety of aircraft during his 49-year career. Below is a collection of the many types of aircraft he piloted. Warren logged nearly 27,000 hours in the air.

In 2018, Warren’s two sons arranged for their dad to fly the B-25 aircraft once again. Prior to this flight, the last time Warren had flown the B-25 was in 1957 at the age of 21, 61 years ago.

Warren flying the B-25 at 83 years of age