Lolo Creek Ranch Gallery

Warren’s uncle, Kelly Vest, was a real estate agent based in Boise, Idaho, specializing in large ranches. He located property near Kamiah, Idaho, consisting of 2,000 acres. Warren and Uncle Kelly, along with three World Airways captains, purchased the ranch in 1971.

Uncle Kelly and Aunt Dorothy Vest

The five original owners of Lolo Creek Ranch. L-R – Uncle Kelly, Pete Villano, Russ Wilson, Warren, and Hank Holt. Young Tim Vest in front of Warren. As of 2019, the remaining owners are Warren; Uncle Kelly’s daughter, Carolyn; and Hank Holt’s son, Tommy.

Lolo Creek Ranch owners in 1971

A big reason for purchasing the Lolo Creek Ranch was the opportunity to invite friends and relatives to visit and enjoy the scenery and activities available at the ranch. Many kids from the city were able to shoot a gun, ride a horse, or fish for trout for the first time in their lives at the ranch.

Friends enjoying the Ranch